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Looking for an easy way for you and your staff to take payments from customers when out of the office? Tired of keeping track of sales transactions done through different payment methods and systems?

Our new solution allows you to capture sales transactions for cash, credit cards and PayPal as part of a simple online process using your mobile phone or tablet, and email the customer an invoice directly.

The solution is currently at an introductory rate starting at
$40 per month (excluding GST)
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How we help your business

Moving information around within your company can be hard to manage and keep track of. Many businesses require staff to gather details to be passed on to managers, customers or entered in to other computer systems.

Filling out this information in to Word documents or writing it down on paper will limit what you can do with the information, and filling in the documents may require the document to move back and forward between people, many times.

This is where we can assist.
Instead of using paper forms or Word documents for staff and customers to fill in, you can use our customisable online screens to build your own forms, so everyone can enter details from their PC, phone or tablet.

Build the screens how you want, and generate custom PDF reports to give to clients, customers or staff.
Hook up to your existing systems, like SAP, to feed data from our screens in to these other systems, avoiding double entry of the same data.

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Build new data capture screens using our inbuilt controls and configuration options. Learn more
Import data from systems or Word documents. Export data to external web services or CSV extracts. Learn more
Process Flows
Link forms together and decide when to send out emails. Change your business processes quickly. Learn more
Automatically read data from Word documents. Dynamically generate Word, PDF and HTML documents. Learn more
Using our screen builder pages you are able to define what data needs to be captured, such as a customer name or address.
These screens are made up of individual modules that are fully configurable, such as turning date of birth capture on or off with a single click.

Our screens are built using responsive design principals and will scale from your desktop computer all the way down to your mobile phone. So even if your staff are out on the road, they can work effectively and process information just as if they were still in the office.
With an XML/JSON interface available, it is simple to pass information from your other systems in to ours.
Data can be passed to the system and then processed against the defined business rules, such as sending out emails with documents attached.
Getting data out is just as simple, with the ability to call existing web services or extracting data in to CSV formats to be read by other systems.
Process Flows
An inbuilt process flow engine is what makes our system so unique and powerful.
Using the simple editor to lay out what web screens should be displayed and under what circumstances, allows you to define even the most complex business processes.

Control when emails should be sent to customers and what external systems need to be called by just linking objects together in the editor.
You can control your entire business process without needing to include anyone from the IT department.
The ability to generate dynamic documents to send to customers directly in a number of different formats is a key feature of our system.
Documents, such as contracts to be signed, can be quickly designed and sent to customers in Word or PDF format; with data elements such as customer names being pre-populated in the document.
These documents can be existing Word documents that just need data inserted, or they can be fully customised forms built using HTML.

Not only can documents be generated, but data from Word document templates can be extracted automatically and fed in to the system and data entry screens. This reduces the need for manual re-entry of data.
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